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It was a great honor to be invited to the University of Illinois campus in Champaign to take photos of 3 young Illini graduates.  Two of these graduates are very near and dear to my heart.  They are twin sister graduates of North Boone High School in Poplar Grove.  Past students of my husband who is the principal of the HS.  I'm very impressed with these young ladies.  Their accomplishments will take them far in their lives.  The third young lady is a friend of their's that I just met at the photo shoot.  She is a lovely young lady that has chosen a path to make a difference.


Congratulations on your graduation from college, ladies!  Cheers to an exciting new direction in your lives!  I'm so proud of all of you!


Here's to Honest, too!  Honest is Cait's most loved and cherished service dog that is always by her side!  I loved that they all brought their pets to the photo shoot.  It was a fun day!


Bottcher-senior-portraits-03Bottcher-senior-portraits-03Young woman sitting in the grass alongside her pet black Labrador retriever wearing a graduation cap and holding a small sign in its mouth at the University of Illinois in Champaign IL


wampler-senior-portraits-02wampler-senior-portraits-02A smiling young woman wearing floral print dress peeks through building columns on campus at the University of Illinois in Champaign IL

Bottcher-senior-portraits-02Bottcher-senior-portraits-02A black and white image of a young woman holding a bunch of balloons Botcher-senior-portraits-09Botcher-senior-portraits-09Direction Photography by Kelly hugging and celebrating her client on the University of Illinois Campus. wampler-senior-portraits-12wampler-senior-portraits-12Young man and woman laughing and having a good time as they hold their small dog together. wampler-senior-portraits-15wampler-senior-portraits-15Young woman holding her small dog on the University of Illinois Campus. Bottcher-senior-portraits-12Bottcher-senior-portraits-12A young man kissing a girl leaning against a pillar at the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, IL Bottcher-senior-portraits-17Bottcher-senior-portraits-17Two coeds sitting on top of a stone wall with a black Labrador retriever holding a bunch of balloons in its mouth at the University of Illinois in Champaign IL wampler-senior-portraits-16wampler-senior-portraits-16Young college coed wearing her graduation cap as she holds out the banner draped around her shoulders. Bottcher-senior-portraits-24Bottcher-senior-portraits-24A young lady holding orange and blue balloons standing on one foot celebrating her upcoming graduation. Bottcher-senior-portraits-26Bottcher-senior-portraits-26A young college coed holding an orange "I" banner on the University of Illinois Campus in Champaign. Bottcher-senior-portraits-47Bottcher-senior-portraits-47Twin sister's stand in front of a water fountain holding a sign that reads "We did it" at the University of Illinois in Champaign IL Bottcher-senior-portraits-53Bottcher-senior-portraits-53Black Labrador retriever service dog sitting pretty as he wears a graduation cap and is holding a bunch of orange and blue balloons on the University of Illinois campus. Bottcher-senior-portratis-54Bottcher-senior-portratis-54A young woman laughing as she sits in front of a dance studio sign at the University of Illinois campus in Champaign. Bottcher-senior-portraits-62Bottcher-senior-portraits-62Two college graduates who lay in the grass with their black Labrador puppy next to them layion a lawn at the University of Illinois holding a banner that reads "class of 2018." Bottcher-senior-portraits-65Bottcher-senior-portraits-65Elegant photo of a young lady leaning against a brick wall. wampler-senior-portraits-44wampler-senior-portraits-44A smiling young college coed leaning forward as she holds an Illini banner behind her. Bottcher-senior-portraits-69Bottcher-senior-portraits-69A young couple hugging and kissing their shar pei puppy.



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