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June 02, 2018

Today I'd like to take you along a couple of my photo shoots.  It's fun to see "behind the scenes," especially if you've never had your photos taken professionally.  I've been lucky to have some friends come along some of my photo shoots to capture the work in progress.  One of my favorite parts of my work is the interaction I get to have with the people I'm working with.  Some people find it very easy to be in front of the camera, and other's don't.  I enjoy the process of making people feel comfortable and creating a place where they can just be themselves.  Posed photos have their place, but my favorite photographs are the ones where people are laughing, maybe not looking directly into my lens, and moving their bodies because of laughter or play.  Getting children to laugh is really easy!  The trick is to play, and talk dirty!  Ok, Ok, maybe not talk dirty, but talk about stinky things. Or, when working with siblings, ask one to not laugh while challenging the other to whisper something silly to try and get them to laugh!  It works like a charm!  Most often, when I'm planning an upcoming photo shoot with young families, the parents are so worried about how their children will behave.  I get it!  Getting dressed up and getting in front of a camera is not always a child's idea of fun.  However, when you turn it into a game, and maybe talk about ice cream at the end, spending an hour with me is not such a bad thing!

Kelly Hubert standing in tall prairie grass during a photography sessionBehind-the-scenes-01Kelly Hubert finding unique ways to capture images of her clients by standing in the tall prairie grass at Klehm Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Rockford Illinois

You'll usually find me becoming one with nature if your photo shoot is outdoors!  I may even ask you to get in unique places!

Behind the scenes with childrenBehind-the-scenes-02Kelly holding hands with a young child right before she takes their photo WhisperBehind-the-scenes-03Young boy whispers something silly to his sister which makes her laugh. Brother and sister laughingBrother and sister laughingYoung siblings laughing together.

She was already laughing because I told him to tell her who he thought had stinkier feet; mom or dad!

On his levelOn his levelKelly crouching down with a young boy in a flower bed explaining what's happening next In the flowersIn the flowersYoung boy crouches in a flower bed as he smiles at the camera

Getting on his level helped him gain trust in me.  Plus, one with nature!

Get closeGet closeKelly capturing a young girls face by getting on her level in a viney patch of ground cover. Sweet smileSweet smileYoung lady wearing a big sequenced bow smiles as she looks off into the distance Big eyesBig eyesYoung lady gazing up and away as she smiles brightly.

This little lady needed no help from me being in front of the camera! She's as sweet as she looks! 

zoom on the campuszoom on the campusKelly Hubert taking a photo using her 70-200 zoom lens on the university of illinois campus. wampler-senior-portraits-02wampler-senior-portraits-02A smiling young woman wearing floral print dress peeks through building columns on campus at the University of Illinois in Champaign IL

She was in heels and a long dress, but that didn't stop me from asking her to climb up and between these large concrete pillars.  Complementing her task and joking about this endeavor created great laughter and movement.

Kissing CaitKissing CaitKelly Hubert giving her friend, Cait, a kiss on the cheek during their photography session on the University of Illinois Campus

I promise I don't kiss all the people I work with!  This beauty is a close friend and someone that has worked so hard for her college education.  Relationships with the people I work with is very important to me.  Getting to know the people I work with help me create wonderful portraits.

Sister Second ShooterSister Second ShooterTest shot of Kelly's sister who is assisting her during a photography session.

My sweet sister came and helped me second shoot during a session on the University of Illinois Campus.  She's the best, and how lovely is she?


Working with people is a great privilege.  Documenting the important directions in your life is a great gift you can give yourself, as well as future generations.  I'd love the opportunity to get to know you, as well as work with you!  You can see the "behind the scenes" in person, and maybe even have a little dirty talk! wink. wink.




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