Mindy + Clem

September 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Motherhood is a sacred journey that takes us outside of ourselves and into a world of strength that we never knew we had.  There isn't one definition of
motherhood.  It's a unique and individualized experience that is beautiful and exhausting.

When my friend and fellow photographer Mindy asked me to come to her beautiful home to capture the fleeting experience of breastfeeding, I jumped at the opportunity.  Mindy is a dear, dear friend that I admire very much.  She's an artist and an intellect.  She's a friend and a colleague.  She loves her family fiercely!  Her daughter Clementine LOVES her mama!  I've never seen bluer eyes on a child!

This was a wonderful experience that I feel more people should take the time to memorialize.  Documenting what's most important in your life to you, at this very moment is never a waste of time!




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